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How Do I Search With PLAZOO?


Tips to Search With PLAZOO

Term1 + Term2
Enter "+" between two terms and the results will show both terms.

Term1 - Term2
Enter a "-" between two terms and the results will not show the Term2.

Term1 or Term2
Enter "or" between the terms the results will show either the Term1 or Term2.

Term1 near Term2
Enter "near" between terms the results will show Term1 and Term2 in the proximity of five words.
Type in feed: followed without space by www. and the name and the top level domain (, .com etc.) you receive the available feeds from the site in question. Example: For searching feeds of Bongo News type in

Search Assistent

Very convenient! With the help of the search assistent (you find the search assistent on the right at the top of the search results) the results can be filtered easily. You can

  • decide in which order the results are shown (relevance or date);

  • choose in which languages the result shall be shown;

  • determine how many results shall be shown per page;

  • and select which enclosures shall be shown (e.g. videos, pics, etc.)
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How do I search with PLAZOO?