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What's RSS?


So what is RSS all about then?

RSSIn the United States terms like RSS and RSS feeds are household names. Europe is still a little bit slow in adopting this unique feature in the websites, but in no time European user will use feeds. This will result in completely new and reliable communication structures.


What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, whereas Really Simple Syndication meanwhile is the most agreed-upon choice.

RSS permits instant distribution of content updates such as news, press releases, etc. The recipient can subscribe to the so-called RSS feeds and read them with the help of RSS reader (also called newsreader or feedreader) or easily with the webbased reader myPLAZOO.


RSS feeds allow you to surf a substantial number of websites within the shortest possible time. You don't even need to type in the domain name or look for the respective bookmark. That's how you stay in the now and you won't miss a beat!

Where Can I Find Those Feeds?

For example with PLAZOO:

PLAZOO is a quick and easy feed finder: Type in a keyword and PLAZOO finds the corresponding feeds.

Currently, on European websites you have to look hard for the signs of feeds. Here are some international examples where RSS feeds are made available:
BBC News

In addition, people use tens of thousands of so-called blogs (weblogs) to write about everything. Via RSS feeds they are constantly connected to their readers.

Available RSS are labeled with the following or similar symbols:

These symbols are linked to an xml-file. The link shown in the browser (see also picture below) ist the link to the RSS feed (also called feed URL). This link is copied into the RSS reader, so that the feed can be easily read and updated.


How Do I Read RSS Feeds?

Two possibilities exist:

1. External RSS Readers
There are small desktop applications to be downloaded. Some of these we have listed here.

2. Web-Based Feed Reading Services
Web-based feed reading services such as myPLAZOO offer to read feeds for free. Web-based reader have the advantage that the feeds can be administered and updated anywhere you use a browser. Another benefit is that upgrades and new features are added automatically.

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