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  Jan 17 - Phone system restart
  Jan 16 - Webtools PHPMyAdmin Upgrade
  Jan 16 - Phone system restart
  Dec 19 - Wolftech SCCM Upgrade to version 1910
  Dec 16 - Upgrade eos01db from OpenAFS to Auristor
  Dec 15 - MyPack Portal, SIS and HR maintenance
  Dec 11 - Migration of NCSU Active Directory CRON...
  Dec 20 - Office 365 authentication change
  Stocktaking and lessons learned: 40 years after -...
  Feb 1 - 2020 JALT Hokkaido Winter Language...
  Feb 1 - Thailand TESOL 2020 (day 3 of 3)
  Jan 31 - Thailand TESOL 2020 (day 2 of 3)
  Jan 19 - Bring Your Classroom to Life - Winter...
  Dec 22 - Examining Pupils‘ Images of...
  Dec 11 - SCCM Reconfigure Boundary Groups
  Dec 09 - Update to Microsoft Office admx/adml...
  Dec 09 - Security baseline for Windows 10/1909
  Dec 10 - Windows 10 1909 Deployed to Earl...
  Dec 08 - cPanel Scheduled Maintenance
  Dec 08 - Oracle Database server maintenance
  Dec 04 - Critical Splunk Update to all Forwarders
  Dec 04 - Identity Management System Maintenance
  Dec 18 - Campus Wireless controller code upgrade
  Dec 20 - Migration of gpo_pkgs and...
  Dec 06 - OnBase (Document Management System)...
  Shared Spaces, Contentious Places?...
  Dec 05 - Jamf Pro Web Admin interface restart
  Dec 04 - Webtools PHPMyAdmin Upgrade
  Dec 09 - DC2 UPS Battery Replacements
  Stocktaking and lessons learned: 40 years after -...
  Lecture by Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman:...
  International Land Use Symposium (ILUS 2019)
  Hybrid Materials and Additive Manufacturing...
  FuTuRe III - Workshop on the Future of Silicon...
  Corpus-Coranicum-Lecture 2019 | Before the...
  Challenge Workshop: Mathematical Modeling of...
  Jan 18 - A Call to Apps: Current best practices...
  Jan 12 - TBLT in Japanese EFL
  Dec 8 - (1) Some current issues in second/foreign...