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myPLAZOO – My Personal News Agent
Controlling the News Avalanche
PLAZOO constantly spiders the news and information of thousands of RSS feeds. myPLAZOO is a free and easy-to-use tool selecting from these sources the news you are interested in. According to your specifications myPLAZOO delivers the news in virtually real time.

Unique Personalization
myPLAZOO summarizes the latest information according to the specific profile into a single, personalized RSS feed. You do not need to surf the net all over to find the feeds you are interested in. myPLAZOO does it for you. And of course, you can add the personalized myPLAZOO feed easily to any external RSS reader.

Fresh Information Guaranteed
Your personalized RSS feed is updated hourly and contains every NEW item since the last query of your RSS reader.

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