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 The online hyphenator

Are you a blogger or editor? Do you work a lot with text? Surely you know the challenge of a text or article to fit a particular Web page layout or nicely hyphenate it.

We have a hypho-o! The online hyphenator. Automatic hyphenation for texts and HTML sites. Try it!


 Feed Merging With myPLAZOO

Merge many feeds into one single feed with myPLAZOO.

my­PLA­ZOO sum­mar­izes the latest in­form­a­tion ac­cord­ing to the spe­cif­ic pro­file in­to a single, per­son­al­ized RSS feed. You do not need to surf the net all over to find the feeds you are in­ter­ested in. my­PLA­ZOO does it for you. And of course, you can add the per­son­al­ized my­PLA­ZOO feed eas­ily to any ex­tern­al RSS read­er.

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Download RSS Reader

Your own RSS NewsReader

The Plazoo Reader is more than just a standard RSS reader. It is still possible to add and manage RSS feeds, but the reader also gives access to a big offering of other media : news, job offerings, movies, pictures and audio files.

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