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Supersmoker | Electric cigarette | E-cigarette | E Cigarette

(Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:42:00 GMT)

But now much cheaper! Really healthy and not quitting your smoking habit is what you can achieve by smoking the electronic or electric cigarette, which resembles the ''supersmoker'', but which is actually much smaller and cheaper. Why pay more? The Smartcig is simply the invention of the century! Put it to the test and order the Smartcig electronic, electric or e-cigarette! Moreover, the Smartcig electronic or electric cigarette is of a superior quality when compared to any other e-cigarette on the market, and last but not least it can be held much easier due to the smaller size, which gives you the feeling to smoke a ''real'' cigarette!


Supersmoker | Electric cigarette | E-cigarette | E CigarettePlease find a number of facts on why you should order the electronic and healthy Smartcig listed below:


  • Cheaper smoking
  • Healthier smoking
  • Odourless smoking
  • Fireless smoking meaning Safer smoking


Meaning safer, healthier, and cheaper smoking by means of the practical Smartcig electrical or e-cigarette. Read all the information available on our website and order our competitive ‘‘supersmoker’’ or e-cigarette now. Another reason to choose for our supersmoker competitive product, is the fact that you can “light up” or smoke your cigarette where smoking a standard cigarette is prohibited.


Including nicotine / excluding smoke!


Furthermore, the Smartcig cartridges will continue to be available at a sharp price!

Electric cigarette - Supersmoker

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Supersmoker | Electric cigarette | E-cigarette | E Cigarette